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First day of Social Now 2022. The best conference, organized by a group of Tech and Human-driven people. I am honoured to be a Speaker with 15 minutes of free thinking about Human Skills that design each corporate performance environemnt.

Thank you Social Now… and Ana Neves @Knowman, Knowledge Management experts.

I wanted to be a Speaker at this event. In my mind, this format competes with AWS day, with free and open Thinkers not in favour of a particular vendor. MBU is a nice and safe school to apply business principles and social intelligence sincronously to any workforce.

This is my slide deck for the 2022 Social Now Event, with some notes for 3 slides

1- Hello. I have more bad than good news from my side. We are a bit lost in the requirements, will and peace to work in the very same social environments.

The Modern Era went away from people’s understanding. We are no longer making important social decisions within the organizations we work for… at least in Portugal.

2- We are living today in an era built by New Kids on the block that want the world their own way, decentralized, private and autonomic from big giants or corporations with old habits and cultures that lived in the middle age.

3- The Sports environment gave me the sufficient understanding to share some examples of the lack of commitment between business people, the unique power of individuality and the lack of a minimum work consensus or framework that the team must recognize. Suppose you want to set up highly effective teams. In that case, we need to understand individuals, Their needs, expectations, individual and group benefits and most importantly, the critical social relationships that can drive a specific culture and infect other areas and teams of the corporation. Understanding individuals is complex and not sexy but should lead to better results before buying new collaborative software.

In Portugal we are really few that know each other from all our lives. 5M in active Population, 740.83 euros of minimum salary, 99,6% of small businesses owned by one, two or three people, 0,4% of big companies owned by 5 families. 30,968 USD of Debt per capita…

Few things I am pretty sure. One of them is that our society failed in educating people for the common good and for qualitative social relationships.


My inspiration comes from my own team and people who have built coalitions of thousands where the technical expertise was a sufficient individual motivator for personal growth in shared, social and qualitative working environments.

Linux Foundation Team by Linus Torval with Linux. He is not people-oriented, but he dreams of faster development by democratizing skills. 

Apple and Foxconn Teams 

AWS Team

The news is all about individual work… We recognize individuals and not the social interactions between them. How can we talk about a more social working environment in society if the examples are always personal and are not identified and communicated in today’s economy?

We are putting individuals everywhere, because we need mentors and inspirational people and that’s good, but we shouldn’t highlight individual performance in team environments and in Media such often. Successfull people can handle the pressure, but society and young players can’t do it because the gaps in performance concepts at a social understanding of a very small Elite context are dramatically distant.


A really nice response from a prepared AWS team:

Why is your team called “the Office of the CISO”?

A lot of people want to talk to Steve Schmidt, our Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at AWS. If you want to talk to him, it’s very likely that you’re going to talk to me or to my team as a part of that process. There’s only one of him, and there are a few of us. We help Steve scale a bit, and help more customers have direct interaction with senior leadership in AWS Security.

We also provide guidance and leadership to the broader AWS security community, especially to the customer-facing side of AWS. For example, we’re leaders of the Security and Compliance Technical Field Community (TFC) for AWS. The Security TFC is made up of subject matter experts in solutions architecture, professional services, technical account management, and other technical disciplines. We help them to understand and communicate effectively with customers about important security and compliance topics, and to gather customer requirements and funnel them to the right places.


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